As first time parents, it can be hard to decipher all the information and decide what is best for your family. Tara was able to point us in the right direction with practical strategies from the Sleep Sense Program. Tara‘s knowledge, helpfulness and honesty ultimately helped our 4mo old sleep 10+ hours a night; it changed our lives! 
–Morgan Park

My son was almost 3 months old and always slept pretty well, but he wouldn’t sleep in his crib. So on a whim I decided to go to a sleep seminar to see if could learn any different techniques than what I was trying . It turned out to be the best thing I did! I had Tara consult with me and after one night he’s been sleeping in his crib ever since! He naps like a dream ( 3-4 at typically an hr and half, sometimes 2 1/2 hrs ). I couldn’t be happier with the results! I highly recommend consulting with Tara! At 3 months he is on such a good schedule, it’s amazing!                                                                                                                                                                               -Mia Baldinucci

My husband and I read every book and tried every method, but no matter what we did our 18-month old son would only sleep 8-9 hours a day, not through the night and not always in his crib. We were ready to accept the fact that we had a “bad” sleeper. After meeting with Tara and following her sleep plan, he is now sleeping between 13-14 hours a day! Naptime and bedtime are no longer a nail-biting ordeal for us. My son now goes to his crib after his books are read, cuddles his lovie and happily points at the light to be turned off. My husband and I now have time to spend with each other and can reconnect. We haven’t had that since our son was born. Tara has literally given us our lives back and the three of us (son included) are so much happier in our daily lives – because we can all sleep!! Instead of flipping to Chapter 15 in a book and getting one paragraph on our “problem”, Tara provided constant support and encouragement. Having someone to talk to who has been through a similar situation and being provided answers almost immediately meant the world to us. We would not hesitate to contact Tara again with any future children.
-Sarah Braddell

Working with Tara has been an amazing experience. Our son Camden had been nursing to fall asleep, sleeping in our bed (while my husband was out on the couch) and waking multiple times throughout the night for well over a year when I reached out to Tara for help. We just knew that this wasn’t something he would grow out of like many people had suggested to us. Cam was in need of a good night’s rest, as were we. Tara was super supportive from the minute we spoke on the phone. Her positive attitude, encouraging feedback and constant support made this experience absolutely wonderful. She and I communicated on a daily basis during the initial two weeks, her coaching and advice made this experience so much better and so much easier than I thought it would be. Having someone who has also gone through this process and can relate to what you are dealing with was such a relief and a help. I am proud to say that Camden is now napping for two hours a day, falling to sleep on his own in his crib and sleeping through the night. Both nap time and bedtime are no longer an excruciating process of trying to get our son to sleep. We can’t thank Tara enough and would highly recommend her services to those in need of some rest!
-Amy Feldman

I was paired with Tara after contacting the sleepsense program for help with my 8 month old daughter. She wasn’t a “terrible” sleeper, but she certainly was inconsistent. She would give us wonderful full nights of sleep and then in the same week begin waking at night. This had been going on for months and I was just waiting for her to grow out of it. Finally, after several terrible nights of sleep in a row, enough was enough. Tara and I talked at length during the consultation and I just KNEW she would be the one that would be able to help me. She had been through the difficulties of her own baby who didn’t want to sleep. She loved and laughed with me about my enthusiasm for dark rooms and white noise. I shared my secret of taping black contractor bags to the windows. So our journey began. I filled out a questionnaire of how life currently was, I set a goal for my family and my daughters sleep, and a couple of days later I had a plan. The great things about the plan was it took into account the fact I have a toddler and wanted to try to have an overlap of nap times. This was a crucial piece to my catching up on sleep or just to have some down time. Tara and I had frequent calls through the first week. I kept a sleep log which is such an amazingly simple tool. I could fill it out and when i went to work or went out, anyone with my children could fill it out. It kept us on track and helped to form patterns that Tara could spot and correct. The program requires commitment and that’s where TARA helped to keep me accountable. She remained calm when I was cranky, she encouraged when I got discouraged, she was a cheerleader and coach all in one. I can’t say enough great things about Tara, her style and the way she lays out and creates a programmed tailored to my family’s needs. If you are reading this now, don’t wait like it did. Jump right in and cross your fingers that you get Tara!
-Alison Karounis

I have often called “bedtime” my biggest parenting failure – I started the “wrong” way by nursing my child to sleep – when I weaned him from breastfeeding, I rocked him to sleep. When we changed his crib to a full sized bed, I laid with him until he fell asleep – which was sometimes over an hour. While I enjoyed cuddling with him, I hated how much time it ate up – and that he wasn’t getting enough sleep! As Sam approached his 4th birthday, my husband and I were ready to buckle down and do what needed to be done to break this pattern. I was apprehensive though, because it is important to me that bedtime is a calm, peaceful, pleasant time for my son, and I didn’t want him to feel abandoned. I am so glad to have met Tara D’Amico at just the right time. She worked with us to develop a plan that worked with our child, our circumstances and our needs. She supported us we implemented the plan and helped us through the obstacles we faced. Sam will turn 4 in just one month and I am happy to say that with the help of DAmico Dream Consulting Sam is now going to sleep on his own, sleeping through the night, staying in bed until magic 7 and is better rested and happier than before – and so are we! Thank you Tara!!
-Nicole Lemoncelli

Just wanted to say how awesome Tara was with helping us with our 16 month old daughter Caroline. We unfortunately never allowed her to learn how to sleep by herself. We gave her a bottle to fall asleep and then rocked her to sleep since birth. She would then sleep most of the night with the occasional wake up until we went to the beach this summer and she got hand foot and mouth?. Ever since then she would wake up 8-12 times a night crying and needed us to fall back to sleep. Needless to say we were sleep deprived. Oh and did I mention our 3 year old son was also sleeping in our bed while all this was going on?. But then I met Tara and I was immediately interested in her services. I was dying for a good night sleep?. She was excellent. She came up with a sleep plan for us that taught Caroline how to sleep on her own. And she helped us every step along the way….even when we were exhausted and without patience. She is supportive and your #1 cheerleader while u are going through everything and always willing to help in any way. My daughter now falls asleep by herself and sleeps through the night til 7:00am! I highly recommend her to anyone I speak to that has sleep issues and I think she is awesome! Thanks Tara for all your help from 2 once sleep deprived parents? -Colleen Kelly

So Tara came to my house about 2 months ago for a consultation and it may have been the best hour and the neat education I ever got. Before Tara Luke was a nightmare when it came to sleeping. He was always tired but NEVER slept. When she told me to cut it down to one nap a day I though to myself how is less sleep going to help him be less tired. Well it worked. Before I would put him on his crib for a nap and he would cry for over an hour. Now that we do the same exact thing before any sleep nap or bed time he may cry for a little bit but he falls asleep every time. She also said to change his bed time from 9 pm to 7:30 again I thought, this will never work, he only sleeps 10 hours if I put him to bed at 7:30 he would be up at 5 am. At first he was up very early but now he sleeps for. 7:30 to sometimes 8 am. And he naps for 1.5 – 3 hours. Up until Tara can into our lives putting Luke to sleep was the worst part of my day now we get an extra 2 hours at night for ourselves. Luke is sleeping well and everyone is happy. Thank you Tara you literally saved our lives -Kristene Sciandra

I want to thank DAmico Dream Consulting for helping my little boy become an amazing independent sleeper! My husband and I were so skeptical of hiring a sleep consultant, but bedtime became so stressful we felt we didn’t have a choice. Our 21 month old son was resisting bedtime and waking up all night long screaming and crying due to separation anxiety. We tried everything, and finally hired Tara out of sheer exhaustion. Within 10 days, our son was going to bed by himself and staying asleep the entire night. While I wont say he looks forward to naps and bed, he is pleasant and willing to go to sleep when it’s time without a single complaint. He’s well-rested and happier during the day too. It’s a complete change and such a relief to have our evenings back. To anyone struggling with sleep, I highly recommend Tara D’Amico.-Lauren McCormack

Tara, I just want to say thank you for your caring and knowledgeable support . When Max would wake up constantly at 4 – 4:30 for the day, my wife and I would just take turns each night and struggle through the rest of the day. We would take EARLY morning walks in the summer and EARLY trips to Dunkin Donuts to pass the time, since we had 3 hours under our belt before going to work. I honestly just thought he had his sleep and he was up for the day. Max was just an early riser. Well, I can honestly say that I was wrong. After our first consultation at the house, my wife and I finally felt as though we were moving in the right direction. It was your knowledge, tone, and plan that woke us up and gave us that reassurance we were looking for. It felt as though a weight had been lifted off our shoulders. After just a few days of following your plan, we saw a difference in Max. He was sleeping an hour longer, then an hour and a half longer, and now sometimes two hours longer! He has always slept through the night, never waking up, which is why I always felt 4:30 was just his wake up time. Again, I was wrong and we wouldn’t of had success if it wasn’t for you, so thank you. Not only is Max getting more sleep and giving us more sleep, but he is happier when he gets up, which makes for a better day for all. We truly appreciate all of your hard work!-Matthew Foley

When my daughter, Ava, was a newborn, she slept great! At night she would sleep on my chest and wake every 2-3 hours (as expected) to nurse. During the day she would sleep in the car seat as we were running errands or at home in her swing. Then she began to fight sleep; she would only sleep on me or my husband, or in the car seat sometimes, and forget about the swing. After a few weeks of this, I decided that I’d better get help before going back to work.I attended one of Tara’s online Q&A sessions and soon set up a phone consultation.After convincing my husband that we needed the help of an expert, we signed up with Tara the weekend before Thanksgiving. We were shocked that the first night she slept with only one night waking! By night 3 Ava (then almost 3 months old) was sleeping through the night. It still wasn’t easy getting her down for the night, but we were making progress! Naps took a few weeks to improve, as Tara said that they would. Working with Tara was invaluable because my husband and I constantly had questions and scenarios that arose throughout the process of sleep training. It was comforting to know that we had a live person to speak with about all of our concerns as we navigated through this process. Now Ava is an amazing sleeper and a happy, well rested baby! She sleeps about 11 hours at night and takes at least 2 good naps/day.In the beginning I’ve kept something that Tara told us in mind from the beginning, and it made everything a little easier… “It’s not your job to put Ava to sleep. It is your job to teach her how to put herself to sleep”.-Angel (mom of Ava 5 months old)

Tara’s advice, guidance and support has been a serious game-changer in our house! I cannot believe the difference she was able to make in our 4 year old son’s sleep habits, the quality of sleep he is getting (not waking during the night) and his overall demeanor. We no longer have bedtime battles, our new routine is quick and painless and he falls asleep in less than 10 minutes every night. This is a HUGE improvement from the 2 hours that we would spend laying with him every night! Thank you Tara!-Dad of 3 yr old Sam

I am so happy with the help I received from Tara! We have a whole new world again! My son, Henry, was 16mos. and not napping without being held, and only sleeping at night, in our bed and still waking several times a night. A lot had to do with time, energy and just being too dam tired! I was fed up with it, I was tired, cranky and down right miserable some days! I knew it was time to make a change, I had to be ready for it, I know if I did it at another time I would not have been successful! I knew with the upcoming school year, my daughter will be in high school and I will be back to work, it was the right time for us! Tara was so nice and understanding! never judged my “bad decisions”. Tara came up with a plan for Henry after meeting him and learning our frustrations. I set out to accomplish this task, being scared and weary that it wouldn’t work on Henry. I was shocked it wasn’t as hard as I ever thought! We had some rough spots and some adjustments, but we have been child free in our bed for 1 month!!!!!!!!!!! Henry is sleeping all night 11-12 hours in his crib and is taking 1-2 hour naps in his crib a day! I couldn’t be any happier with my decision to call Tara! Henry is happier as well as the rest of us! I had the support of Jack, he did night time bed and naps which was great! Henry learned that mommy was not the only one who can put you to bed!
Jack says the experience was “terrific”. I really didn’t think it was possible for Henry to spend an entire night in his own crib. He seemed comfortable sleeping with us and although we knew it wasn’t the best habit, we let it go, easiest and quietest way. Now, after just a few weeks of instruction, Henry knows when its bedtime, after stories he is placed in his crib, quietly, he seems to welcome his peaceful night sleep, as do we. Thank You.
-Sarah Gifoli

I just want to tell all those skeptical parents out there, Tara is BEYOND worth it! Our sweet girl, Reagan, never liked to sleep from the moment she came home. She would rely on me to nurse her or for my husband to rock her to sleep, it was getting out of control. She refused to sleep in her crib and would only sleep in our bed. When she turned a year, things only got even more crazy. She was waking up 6-8x a night and was just plain miserable. My husband and I were exhausted and so was Reagan. We knew something had to change, but weren’t sure were to even start. There is so many different methods/books/Pinterest articles and then we turned to Tara! Within 3 days Reagan was sleeping 10-12 hours at night in her crib without waking. We were AMAZED! The best thing is that my husband and I got our marriage back and our little girl was so happy during the day. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for a family. Tara not only creates a custom sleep plan for your child, she walks you through the whole process and is available always! If you are an exhausted parent and don’t know where to turn next, schedule a consultation with Tara! Believe me you will not regret it! Thank you, Tara, for all you did for our family <3-Theresa Hails

Thank you for all of your help Tara. Owen is seriously a different kid. No more major tantrums. He is kinder, more affectionate and more agreeable. My mom tells me every single time she sees him. We needed you to whip us into shape and realize what is best for him. I am so thankful for that. It’s a more peaceful life, which is great before the new arrival, since things will be a little haywire for a while. The most important thing you taught me was to be more disciplined as a parent and also how important focus time is. We are spending more time, together, as a family now. I was missing these pieces of the puzzle and I am so thankful I swallowed my pride and found you.-Michelle Beutel

What a wonderful experience we just had working together with Tara and our little guy! Gunnar is almost eight months old, and for the past few months started waking three or four times in the middle of the night, sometimes screaming for an hour at a time. He was also a habitual cat-napper, maybe sleeping a half hour here or there! Ugh. My husband and I were both exhausted and extremely frustrated. We were connected with Tara, immediately loved her, and developed a plan to best suit Gunnar. Now he is sleeping a full 11-12 hours at night and getting two solid naps in! It’s a complete turn-around and we couldn’t be happier! Sleep is so important, and I am glad Tara values it enough to help us and our little guy!!-Meredith Abe

Jase is my first baby and has never slept well…ever! He didn’t sleep the entire night through until after he was a year old and always fought naps. His sleep patterns were like a roller coaster, he would sleep great and nap great for a week or two, but the would be up multiple times per night and then not nap long or at all! I was miserable and exhausted, my husband was miserable and exhausted and it added a level of stress to our marriage and relationship as parents that we never wanted or thought we would have to deal with. For months I researched infant and toddler sleep patterns and read blog after blog on various sleep sites…nothing seemed to help. Jase heavily relied on either his pacifier or use to hold him to sleep or both. And once he fell asleep in our arms it was just about impossible to put him in his crib without him immediately waking. I used to sit in his room with him sleeping on me for hours, take him for runs in the stroller or a ride in the car just to get him to fall asleep! I finally found Tara DAmico’s Facebook page and just so happened to ask if I could drop my sons nap at 20 months old as he just screamed and screamed when we would put him up for naps. Tara contacted me for a free phone consultation and it was almost like she already knew Jase, she was able to take the words right out of my mouth regarding his sleep habits and behaviors. After her phone consultation we decided it would be best for her to come meet with our family and help get our sanity back! After meeting in our home with Tara and talking about Jase she came up with a plan to help him develop a better relationship with sleep which first included throwing out all the pacifiers. With Tara’s expertise and her personalized plan, Jase began sleeping throughout the night after the second or third night without ANY NIGHT WAKINGS!!!! Naps took a little longer, but we have a very smart and manipulative kiddo who learned how to work the system. After a few weeks he was not only sleeping at night and all night, but he was NAPPING!!!!! Yahhoooooooo! And he actually wanted to go in his crib! What?!?!? Is this my child?!?!? And mommy and daddy slept through the night without midnight whispering fighting and everyone lived happily ever after!!!! Tara is amazing at what she does, she is kind and sweet and sympathizes with what you are going through and is there with you to guide you every step of the way! I highly, highly recommend giving her a call if you are experiencing any type of sleep issues with your child whatever age they may be! You will not be disappointed! Thank you, Tara! We are forever grateful!-Jase, Justine & Andrew Burrell

Our daughter Hazel was waking up ever two hours or earlier to nurse back to sleep and be held for twenty minutes after that, even after we moved her to her own room. I had tried everything I could think of but I was exhausted and felt so hopeless. Tara was so patient with this frantic mom who just couldn’t handle her baby screaming. She answered my emails constantly as I was convinced I was doing everything wrong and calmed me and encouraged me. She helped my husband and I gain the confidence that we could do this! Now Hazel sleeps 12, sometimes 13 hours a night!! She hasn’t nursed to sleep at all!! She smiles when we put her in her crib for the night! The change in her relationship with sleep could not be more drastic!!
Even with teething she is sleeping so so well and now we have our life back. A sleeping baby really does make a difference for a family and a marriage! We’re a happy home with a well slept, social, happy little girl! Thank you so much Tara for being there every step of the way, for every silly question, and reassuring me constantly. It’s just what this anxious mama needed to gain the confidence and skills our family needed for Hazel’s sleep!
I can’t say I was skeptical because I was desperate to try after we had tried pretty much everything else before contacting Tara, but we did have some skeptical family and friends. So if you may be in a similar situation and are wondering if it’s worth it, it 100% is! Do what is best for your family! It doesn’t make you a bad mom to ask for help, sometimes you just need a little outside help.
My daughter not only learned how to not be so dependent on nursing but not be so dependent on me and bonded with her daddy through this process. Nothing sweeter than listening to her coo and giggle as her daddy reads to her before bed instead of screaming her head off for mommy to nurse her to sleep.
Bethel Ann Clark

It has now been over a month since we’ve worked with Tara and I’m happy to say that Luke (9 months old) sleeps 12 to 12 1/2 hours every night. After eight months of continuous night wake ups it’s like living with a different kid! My only regret is that we didn’t call sooner. Also Luke’s 20 minute catnaps have turned into an hour. Tara helped us get on the right track and was wonderful to work with!Elizabeth Dessoye