Daylight Saving Time-Don’t Fall Back. Glide back with these great tips!


What is the best way to handle Daylight Savings Time?

Split the Difference!

For “Fall back”, my recommendation to all parents is to just leave the clocks alone so it’s not a psychologically upsetting event to see your little one up an hour earlier(remember we got an extra hour :). Just get up at your usual time and start the day. After your cup of coffee and breakfast, then go around changing the clocks. It will feel much better this way, believe me!

If, for example your little one usually takes a morning nap around 9:30 a.m., you will adjust this to 9:00 a.m. for three days after the time change. It will be a bit of a push for your child, but not so much that it will cause much damage to his or her schedule. Do the same for the afternoon nap. Let’s say your child usually goes to bed at 7:00 p.m. I recommend bedtime at 6:30 p.m. for the first three days following the time change. This will feel like 7:30 p.m. to your child. On the fourth night, just get in line with the new time so your baby is back going to bed when the clock says 7:00 p.m. Adjust naps to the correct time on day 4 as well. 

It will take approximately a week for your child’s body to adjust. This is normal for children and adults when there is any type of change in sleeping habits.
If DST always stresses you out and throws everything off track with your little ones schedule, lets connect! Here are a few ways we can do that together. This Friday on my Facebook page I will open up a “Fill Me In Friday” post to discuss tiny questions/concerns/scenarios regarding this transition. I LOVE hearing from you. Finally, if you would rather talk to me one-on-one about tackling DST, schedule a FREE 15 minute evaluation with me and we can get through it together!

Blog Launch-Back to the Biz of Sleep for Back to School!

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These boys of mine have certainly kept my summer busy! Our second baby boy is almost 6 months old (didn’t I just have him?!) and is a true delight to our family. Summer is ending and I am very excited to get into full swing with the business, just in time for back to school! I am making it my mission to connect with families as much as I possibly can and share everything this journey with two, has taught me.

Summer for many means a huge shift in their child’s sleep pattern. Is this the case for you?! If so, here are my top 3 tips (more geared towards children > 4 years old) to get sleep back on track for the new school year.

1. Shift Bedtime Up Gradually. For the last couple of months your child went to bed LATE. All of a sudden, to request bedtime an hour or more earlier than usual, may not go over so well. Take it SLOW and adjust 15-20 minutes earlier, every day or two. This will likely make the transition much smoother and less stressful for your child and also just as equally important, YOU!

2. Wind Down. Children are typically exhausted after summer adventures and transitioning out of that may leave them feeling wide awake when its time for bed. Creating a technology free, calm environment during bedtime routine and even prior to bedtime routine can help cue our little ones that bedtime is near.

3. Avoid Morning Madness. Make a plan of action with your child for morning time. Discuss with them your expectations and how you can work together to avoid morning madness. Accomplishing tasks ahead of time, such as picking out an outfit to wear and/or making lunch, can certainly help. Time is valuable in the morning. If there is anything you can prepare ahead of time, absolutely do it. An alarm clock is a great tool to signal when it is time to wake up. A clock in the bedroom can also give your child some control over their schedule without Mom or Dad’s assistance.

It is sad to leave summer behind, but starting a new school year is very exciting. Establishing a routine with these great tips is sure to help your child be their best for back to school!